Dr. Karp & Assistant,

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service. I have not had dental insurance for about 16 years and have been a single parent for most of those years and my daughters health and dental work of course has come first. Because of this I need extensive work done in my mouth. When I can or have to go to the dentist like on this particular occasion I usually get a lecture. I myself am in the health care profession and one of the first things I learned in nursing school is that we are not there to judge our patients and that there is a big difference between educating and lecturing. Again I thank you for the excellent care and also your professionalism while providing that care. I also want you to know when my insurance becomes effective the only place I will go for dental work is your office.


Michele C

Dear Dr. Doug the Delightful Dentist,

I would like to thank you for the outstanding treatment you have once again provided. Your office is excellent and please accept my un-biased remark that you are the best dentist I have ever encountered.

God Bless


Dr Karp, Dr. Fabiani and staff

I herewith want to express my complete satisfaction with the work done on my dentures. After so many years, I finally found a dentist who did an excellent job. Thanks again to all.


Helga S

Dr. Fabiani,

As your new patient, I would like you to know, as a Florida resident for 21 years, I find you to be the most considerate, thoughtfull and honest dentist that I have experienced .

Its a pleasure knowing you!


Mike C

Dear Dr. Karp,

Thank you for taking the time to see me at your office over the past few weeks. I wanted to take the opportunity to contact you by letter to tell you about my experiences with your office.

I have been wearing dentures for over 40 years, and I have never had such a good set as the one I am wearing today. For years, I was unable to eat steaks. In the past few days, I have enjoyed steak on two occasion, and even the tough part was easy to chew. So finally, I can bite, chew, and eat without pain, thanks to your skills. What an enjoyable experience.

Sincerely yours,

Denzo S (a born-again denture wearer)

Dr. Fabiani,

Thank you for creating my new beautiful smile. You did a beautiful job on my teeth.

Thank You,

Molly A.

Dr. Fabiani & Staff,

Thank you all for being so kind. Much Appreciated!

Kathy U